• AGE: 1983-04-05
  • Nationality: Czech Republic
  • Style: Brunette Babe Blue Eyes
  • Bust: 34B (US)| 75C (EU)

Thalia's Videos

Baby wants to rub one out!

With a perfect body, innocent face and knowing pussy this girl is all that she appears! …

Featuring Thalia

2 babes mowin each others lawns!

This is the kind of lesbian lust that makes for good viewing. Two women whose passion …

Featuring Mimi & Thalia

Satan's sultry fruit salad [Part 3]

Here you can see my favorite Czech girlfriend Thalia being "devilish" as always. Let's …

Featuring Thalia

Baby blue tail in her tooter!

Once Thalia's nipples are rock hard and her pussy is aching for attention she starts to …

Featuring Thalia

Thalia takes two in the tail!

Thalia is one of those dream girls whose appetite for sex, be it with men, women, both, …

Featuring Thalia

Brush my little clitty please!

Two of the most requested girls in the DDF talent farm get it on and wide open in this …


The mechanics of a robot cock!

Watch another young lady encounter the thing that a girl's dreams are made of, the …

Featuring Thalia

Hiking for a good hump!

James may have needed to consult a map for the walk in the hills, but he certainly seems …

Featuring Thalia